Specialty Pizzas

The #1

An Amico tradition since the beginning. Our homemade sauce covered with fresh ground Pecorino-Romano cheese.
Small $6.25 Medium $10.95   Large $13.25

Buffalo Chicken

Buffalo sauce and bleu cheese base topped with mozzarella cheese and chicken breast.
Small $10.25  Medium $16.65  Large $21.90


Fresh chopped garlic and olive oil topped with  tomatoes, onions, fresh basil and Pecorino-Romano, mozzarella and ricotta cheeses.
Small $10.25  Medium $16.65  Large $21.90

Eggplant Parm

Fresh pizza sauce topped with Pecorino-Romano and Mozzarella cheeses and breaded eggplant.
Small $10.25  Medium $16.65  Large $21.90

Breakfast Pizza 

Available with advanced notice!



Our specialty - Simple and Delicious

The #1


Bianco Pizza

The Bianco